Cilajet – Proven in the Aerospace Industry, Now Available for the Automotive Industry

Cilajet was brought to the automotive industry as the first true anti-corrosive "aviation grade" paint sealant, conforming to the latest Boeing Specifications (Spec. D6-17487, Revisions R & T) … now available exclusively through automotive dealerships.

Because cilajet is so unique, and best-in-class in its amazing results and performance, it is the product of choice for many high line automotive enthusiasts. Our customers include dealers who specialize in Ferrari, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Porsche, Aston Martin, Jaguar, McLaren, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi. And our customers also include Toyota, Honda, Ford, Hyundai and Kia. Cilajet is for the person who wants to make their car look amazing, and get to enjoy that experience for years… no matter what your choice of vehicle.

Who we are: Cilajet UK Limited

What we are: Distributor of the best world-class aviation approved automotive paint protection sealent.

What we do: Cilajet UK Limited has researched the best imports and distributes a high quality, world class, unique aviation approved paint protection system. The company also provides value added services to its reseller partners, to make the sale to the end user as straightforward and attractive as possible.

Who we do it for: Cilajet UK Limited delivers its solutions through a wide range of companies in the UK automotive industry - including car dealerships, body shops, car accessory shops, and caravan and motor-home dealers - as well as supplying via a future e-commerce web portal after care products, a limited range of products directly to the general public.

How we do it: Cilajet UK Limited forms strong relationships with leading manufacturers of vehicles primarily in the premium, luxury and sports sectors across the globe, ensuring the best products on the market today and tomorrow, for UK dealerships. The company then focuses on providing a high level of support to its channel partners, so that they can rest assured that any product from the Cilajet portfolio will be easy to sell, apply and maintain.

What differentiates us: Mike Gregory MD of Cilajet UK Limited has scoured the global market for the best products in terms of both quality and cost, bringing a fresh and innovative range of merchandise to the UK automotive market. However, it is not only our product portfolio, but the value added support that we provide to our reseller channel that makes Cilajet UK Limited stand out from other distributors. Cilajet UK Limited is focused on making our customers job as easy as possible providing all the point of sale materials, supporting information and training that is needed to attract customers and ensure that all products supplied are straightforward to apply and maintain. As a result, you can always be confident that the sales and support process from Cilajet UK Limited is a profitable one for you.

Core brand values

Reliable Cilajet UK Limited ensures that the merchandise it supplies for resale is of the highest quality.

Straightforward Working in partnership with Cilajet UK Limited is easy, with a full e-commerce website in place to ensure that comprehensive pricing, technical and stock availability information is always to hand. Cilajet UK Limited also ensures 'knowledge transfer' to its reseller partners, undertaking and providing training whenever required.

Supportive Cilajet UK Limited forms personal relationships with each of its resellers, to understand the level and type of support that they require. For example, POS and supporting materials are provided to aid the end user sale, and demonstration products are made available so that customers can 'try before they buy'.

Economical Cilajet UK Limited only recommends Cilajet products that are competitively priced with an attractive stocking program (SOR) and liable to generate a high level of customer demand, ensuring that you're not simply left with stock that you can't shift.

Innovative Cilajet UK Limited specialises in products that bring something new to the UK market - seeking out the latest technology from across the world.

Meticulous Cilajet UK Limited portfolio has been developed, and is continuously refreshed, through meticulous research into the automotive market. It is the depth and breadth of this research and planning that gives you the reseller/partner the confidence that a product from the portfolio will 'tick all the right boxes' with your customers and staff alike.

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