Cilajet Marine

Cilajet Aviation Grade conforms to the most recent Boeing Specification. It is an Airbus, and AMS certified ant-corrosive paint sealant that, when applied to painted metal and composite surfaces, will protect and extend the life and finish of a vessel. Cilajet has been proven to inhibit corrosion, oxidation, and fading, and protect paint against some of the earth’s harshest elements including salt and acidic solutions. Due to the non-porous cure, filling properties, and high resilience, the coating provides substantial reductions in Surface Oxidation, Contaminant Adhesion, UV Radiation Damage, and Chemical Attack. Cilajet can be applied to all areas of the vessel above the waterline and exterior surfaces including painted sections, bare metals, windows, decals, plated metals, and light composites such as fiberglass.

Benefits of Cilajet Marine

Paint Protection
Cilajet is the world's finest anti corrosive paint sealant that protects and extends the life and finish of a marine vessel.
Paint Restoration
Cilajet restores paint, giving faded and oxidated surfaces a mirror-like finish.
Reduced Maintenance Cilajet repels environmental hazards, industrial fallout and actually resists contaminants from adhering to the surface. Maintenance time is dramatically reduced by half the man hours, or more.
Environmentally Friendly
Cilajet products are low to zero VOC.
Amazing Shine

Cilajet's acrylic polymer formula gives a mirror-like shine to all painted and metal surfaces, that lasts! Cilajet will make older vessel look better than new!

Cilajet Marine is aviation certified

Cilajet was originally developed for the aerospace industry in the 1980's as the first true, anti-corrosive sealant which was certified to meet and conform to Boeing Specification D6-17487 REVISION P. In 2012, utilizing the latest advanced materials and research, the newest cutting edge formula was released, expanding cilajet certification to meet and conform to Boeing Specification D6-17487 REVISION R and Bristish Aerospace (Airbus) Specification AIMS 09-00-002 Issue 3. Cilajet® is now available exclusively through certified application centers throughout the world.

Conforms to:
Boeing Spec D6-17487, Revision R
Airbus Spec AIMS09-00-002 (Issue 3)

How the product works

cilajet is a proprietary two-part premixed compound, containing acrylics, clays and solvents. Because it has a solvent, cilajet first removes wax or silicone build-up, oxidation, hairline scratches, swirl marks, hard water deposits, etc. which have not eaten into or damaged the paint. cilajet's unique formula then flash-bonds to the painted or metal surface, leaving a mirror-like finish, resisting anything from adhering to the surface. (Contaminants just slip or rinse off paint, metal, and Chrome) cilajet protects the painted and metal surfaces from rust, oxidation, and corrosion.

Cilajet Marine is best-in-class

Cilajet is the product of choice for many marine companies and boating enthusiasts. Our customers include Yacht Manufacturers, Maintenance Repair and Overhaul facilities, and certified marine detailers who specialize in advanced appearance protection technologies. Cilajet is for the individual or company who wants to make their boat look amazing, and get to enjoy that experience for years… no matter what your choice of vessel.

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