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Cilajet Car Paint Protection - What People Are Saying...

See Chuck Aaron -World Famous Aerobatic Helicopter Pilot and Cilajet enthusiast fly helicopter stunts in the new James Bond movie!

"Since I found out about Cilajet and tested it, I love it! I'm a believer in it!"...Chuck Aaron.

Jay Leno and Cilajet

"It looks terrific really does look does look a lot better, it's visibly different. I hope it shows up on turned out great, it's an impressive product!" Jay Leno

"I just got cilajet put on all my cars....I'm amazed at how well it's unbelievable to me, I've never seen a product look like this." Ryan Phillippe, Actor

"I swear, cilajet made my car shine better than new!" Tia Carrere, Actor

“With over 55 exotic and classic vehicles under our full time care, it is nice to know that cilajet
keeps them looking as if they just rolled off of the showroom floor.”
SCOTT ELROD – Owner, AutoConcierge

“I have cilajet on my plane, my Shelby, and my Red bull helicopter! I love cilajet!”
Chuck Aaron, World Famous Aerobatic Helicopter Pilot

"My wife's '08 Audi Quattro S-line after paint correction, full detail & Cilajet application! Scintillating!
Frank J. Randelli

"My mileage coming home today from Los Angeles to Scottsdale, Arizona, increased to 23.9 per gallon. I've made that drive at lease 30 times and have never gotten over 21.5. That's averaging 78 miles per hour for 430 miles. (Don't put my last name in this because 70 mph is the maximum speed limit!) --" Uncle Al

"It's been 5 years already - I just love the way the car looks now and am so glad it has the cilajet protection since it stays outside. I can't tell you how impressed I am with the product and service provided by cilajet! It's remarkable for any company in today's world." Jean H., North Carolina " Jean Hoover

"Half the hood of this 2009 Chevy Malibu was NOT re-painted... It was CILAJET-ED! This photo was taken May 27th with an iPhone. There is no photo retouch or enhancement. This is the difference that cilajet made. AMAZING!!" Cilajet ... Reflecting the Future

"I've been in the car business a long time and never thought I would fall for the "Rust & Dust" or "Snake Oil", but I must confess, I bought Cilajet for my new Equus last year. It does make a difference." David Taylor Founder & CEO, Car-bio

"Just wanted to update you to let you know how great the people that represent Cilajet have been. I was just recently involved with a customer that had some concerns with swirl marks in the paint. I emailed pictures, sent an estimate and within 30 minutes they approved the repairs. I honestly had to say that at first I was very skeptical about the product. If you get the opportunity please let the district rep know about the efficiency and the quality of service provided by them." Cindy C.- Fields Auto Group

"I just had my Lotus done with cilajet car paint sealant and it looks awesome! I feel like it was one of the best investments I could make in keeping this car looking like the day I bought it." Mark D., cilajet Enthusiast

"I have my 2007 Maserati, and my off-road truck. What's amazing to me is even though my truck is 5 years old, with cilajet car paint sealant, everyone asks if it is brand new. Since I had cilajet car paint protection applied to both cars, I have not had to use soap or wax – I haven't needed to do anything!" Shane W., Financial Advisor

I live in Pine AZ where the sun shines bright every day.  It is harsh on paint, especially red paint.  The red paint on my 2008 Dodge Charger is over four years old and was beginning to dull and fade.  After having Cilajet applied the  paint looks great - the results are fantastic.  In the mountains of Arizona we also get a lot of dust, bug splatter, rain and snow.  Now that I have Cilajet paint sealant on my car, they all wipe off with ease, and the shine remains.  I am so happy with this product... it comes to you highly recommended. J. Wailes

Since day one of the application of Cilajet car paint protection on my 2012 VW GTI I fell more in love with the car and to know that I have protected my investment not only on the outside but the inside as well. I love how Cilajet makes the car shine for weeks after washing. I always get complements on how shiny my car is, people always ask "what wax or detailing spray are you using?" Cilajet car paint protection is the first word that comes out of my mouth. I don't have to worry about waxing anymore because Cilajet gets the job done during all the seasons. It's especially convenient on the interior with the accidental spills on the seats; the liquid beads up with no mess or fuss. I would definitely recommend Cilajet car paint sealant to friends, family, and co-workers. Mathew Perez

Stephan, I want to thank you for all your assistance.  I can't explain the transformation in words. I wish I had better pictures of the before, but the after is unbelievable. When I picked up my black 06' Corvette form the dealership it looked nice.  I had however have some concerns with the dealerships integrity.  After coming in contact with you and being directed to Cesar, I felt a little better.   You assured me that Cilajet stood behind their product. Cesar reapplied Cilajet car paint protection and I picked the car up yesterday.  I am sure that the car did not look this nice when it was new. I will send you pictures when I get them. In these times it is very nice to find a product that is not only great, but also a company that stands behinds their product. Again, thank you, you have a customer for life. Stephen Urtz

I have been using Cilajet car paint protection now for 3 years.  It is the only car paint sealant I will use on my collection of BMWs'.  I first came into contact with Jaci Warren and Cilajet when I purchased a 1997 850Ci Dinan Stage 2 Coupe with 68,000 miles on it.  The Black Paint showed the common wear characteristics of vehicle of that vintage.  Jaci and her team offered to apply Cliajet to the paint to renew the finish.  The results were so astonishing that a gentleman considering the purchase of brand new 7 Series wanted to know where he could purchase a new 850Ci, which was my 68,000 mile 12 year old 8 Series.  The car simply looked new!  Every car show I have taken the 8 Series to I have been complimented on how good the paint looks.  They all want to know where I had the car resprayed.  When I tell them it is the original paint, they are dumbfounded!  I also applied Cilajet car paint protection to my 1991 Dream Black Z1 Roadster.  Again, people wanted to know where they could acquire the new BMW 1 Series Roadster.  I would tell them it was the new 1991 model!  The car has won best in show for BMW Roadsters the past two years at the Euro Event at the BMW Plant in South Carolina.  
I have applied it to my new 2011 335is Convertible and the results are still the same; outstanding.  It is also Black by the way!  Cilajet car paint sealant is simply the best!  I have used many waxes and sealants on my vehicles over the years.  I will never switch products again! Jeff

I bought a used car and had it coated with Cilajet car paint sealant through the dealer.  I'm stunned -- my car probably didn't look this good when it was brand new!  And I never need to wax again -- sweet! Thank you so much for taking such good care of my car.  Cilajet is truly a customer-focused company that stands behind its product 100%, and I'm really grateful to you. Thanks again. Roth

"I had cilajet applied to my black Prius. Even though I figured it would be good, I had no idea how it would transform the paint and wheels on my car. The black became a much deeper, richer black. The wheels look like they just got polished. And I have saved hundreds of dollars in car washes. This product is truly amazing." Rick M., Global Wine Exporter

"My wife got cilajet car paint protection on her silver Mercedes-Benz C-Class and, after she came home, I called the dealer and said I need it on my black Acura… now! The results are incredible." Steve D., Injection Mold Manufacturer

"I am so please with cilajet on my 2007 HHR, I will sing your praises to anyone who will listen!"
Shirley R., cilajet Customer, Pasadena, CA

"After seeing cilajet on NBC, I thought it would be the best way to preserve my father's dream … his classic Rolls Royce. I was right. Thank you, cilajet!" Grace B., cilajet Customer, Los Angeles, CA

"I have owned a lot of vehicles, and every time that I have purchased a car I have bought an aftermarket paint sealant product that the dealer has offered. This is the first time that I have used cilajet, and frankly, it is the best product I have ever seen. The paint looks so perfect, people have asked me, 'how does your car look so great?' I would never use anything other than this."
Joshua R., cilajet Enthusiast

"My new Lexus was beautiful the day I bought it, but even more beautiful after I took it back and had cilajet applied. I cannot believe how clean it stays now." Frank L., cilajet Enthusiast

"We've sold a variety of other environmental protection programs over the years, but nothing has come close to the quality and superior performance of cilajet." Don Bavely, President, Rosenthal Automotive Group

"My customers mean the world to me and my dealership. I only offer products and services that will benefit my customers first. We are having amazing results with our customers' cars and the "wow factor" of cilajet." Robert Poynter, Bob Poynter Auto Group

"Cilajet sealant is something we are very proud of. It is safe for the environment… I highly recommend cilajet car paint protection." Jennifer Moran, General Manager, Carter Subaru

...after a car wash, my truck looks brand new every single time. I catch myself looking back once I have parked and cannot believe my own eyes, great company and I have recommended this to all my
friends in New Jersey and they love it. "Spot On"
Anthony, USAF, New Jersey

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